All you need to know about Newborn Essentials

When the baby is born, lots of stuff or items are needed for your little one. Some parents buy them before the baby is born and some wait for the delivery of the baby. Those who want to buy later on can make a checklist or can add items to the cart and can order newborn essentials online when required. 

Here is the newborn essentials list or the things you need for a newborn:
1. Diapers or Nappies

Diapers are one of the common and essential things when the baby is born. Some parents choose diapers and others go for cloth nappies. It’s totally up to you which one you want to choose for your newborn baby. Babies feel dry and can sleep comfortably in diapers as they absorb the urine and keep the baby away from the mess of pee and poop. There is already a list of 7 Best Diapers for Newborn babies, you can refer to that article for choosing diapers.

2. Wipes or cotton

Every time the diaper or nappy is changed, it’s necessary to clean the baby. You can use wipes for cleaning. Sometimes babies can have rashes while using wipes. As the baby’s skin is very sensitive for the first few days cotton dipped in water can also be used.

3. Changing Mat

Whenever you change diapers, use a changing mat either in the form of cloth or a plastic sheet. Place the mat on the bed and then change the diaper. It will protect your bed sheet from poop and pee.

4. Feeding bottles

Breastfeeding is recommended and a must for newborns. But due to some reasons, one may have to offer a feeding bottle to the baby. In that case, you must have at least one bottle handy with you.

You can check the list of feeding bottles by clicking here.

5. Burp Cloth

After every feed, it is required to burp your baby as burping helps the baby to remove gas. Otherwise, it may cause discomfort in babies. While burping, some babies may spit out milk so in that case burp cloth is required. You can place a burp cloth on your shoulder to avoid any mess.

6. Newborn Clothes

According to the season you must have clothes for your little one. For summers you can go for cotton clothes and if there are winters then you must buy woolens also. Bodysuits, t-shirts, long pants, mittens, socks, and caps are required for the baby. 

7. Swaddling Cloth

The baby feels warmth in the mother’s womb, once he arrives in the new world he should be covered to give him the same warmth. Muslin swaddling cloth is best to swaddle your baby. Babies may feel comfortable when they are swaddled.

8. Bath Tub or Baby Bather

Nowadays mothers can easily give baths to their babies if they use a bather or bathtub. Babies also feel safe in the bathtub. There are a variety of tubs available in the market or you can buy them online also.

9. Baby Oil

Oil is required to give massages to babies. It soothes the baby and helps him to sleep. It also helps in weight gain, improves digestion, and eases teething pain. Coconut oil is the best for newborns or infants. If it doesn’t suit your baby then you can go for other brands also.

10. Baby Wash

Earlier milk or curd was used to give a bath to the baby. Nowadays you can use baby wash for your baby. They are dermatologically tested, tear-free, and safe for your baby. There are a variety of top brands which you can refer to or you can ask your pediatrician for the same according to your baby’s skin.

11. Bath Towel

After bath to dry your baby bath towels are used. Make sure to use soft and cotton bath towels. Hooded towels can be used to cover a baby’s head and to make him feel cozy.

12. Moisturizer or Lotion

After the bath, it is necessary to moisturize the baby’s skin. Apply lotion at least twice a day to the baby’s delicate skin. You can select lotions from the top brands for your baby.

13. Baby Brush

To comb a baby’s hair, a baby brush is required. As the baby’s head is soft, for the first few months use a brush instead of a comb. Some babies may face cradle caps so in that case also a brush is useful.

14. Nail Clipper

Baby’s nails grow very fast. They can scratch their face with nails. So it is necessary to clip nails at least once a week. You can use baby scissors for the first few months as it’s easier to use than clippers.

15. Diaper Bag

Whenever you go for outings or visit pediatricians, it is required to carry the baby’s essentials. So to keep things organized buy one diaper bag that has multiple compartments. In which you can carry diapers, wipes, changing mat, clothes, feeding bottles, burp cloth, bib, etc.

16. Stroller or pram

When you go for trips or for a walk then a pram or stroller is a good option to carry your baby. Sometimes even at home, it may soothe a crying baby. According to your needs, you may buy a stroller or pram.

17. Car Seat

For the safety of your baby, you must have a car seat that can be fitted well in your car. You can buy a car seat depending upon the age and weight of the baby.

18. Toys

Buy 3-4 toys for your newborn. You can buy rattles, musical toys, or soft toys. Depending upon the age of the baby, you can switch to the other toys later on.